Author Profiles

Fiona Conner, Founder & Features Editor

Fiona Conner, Founder and Features Editor

Fiona is the person we can credit with creating the concept of as a champion of broadband consumer rights and price and feature comparison of service providers.

While originally working in biotechnology, she successfully leapt into the world of web development and then on to all things broadband.

Fiona now primarily looks after our feature guides as well as keeping in close contact with all the major UK broadband providers.

When not immersed in broadband tech Fiona can most likely be found out riding her horse.

Edd Dawson, Editor

Edd Dawson, Editor

Edd has been at the site since its inception in 2004 and is in overall charge of all’s activities.

With a background in computer science which perfectly aligns with the technical aspects of broadband allowing Edd to ensure that we stay on top of current technologies and bring it to our readers in a clear and understandable format.

His special skills outside of broadband include playing darts at a standard just below that which would indicate a misspent youth and spending time walking his dog.