Broadband, Homephone and Television Bundles

Combine TV, phone and broadband from the same supplier for more convenience and cheaper bills.

Bundling is when you purchase more than one service from the same provider. Bundles generally allow the provider to cut their costs as they only have to bill you once for all the combined services and they pass the saving on to you. The table below lists packages that combine broadband, television and homephone services.

You can also compare broadband bundled with only a telephone service.

Broadband, Homephone and Television Bundles Buyer's Guide

An increasing number of broadband deals now come bundled in with TV and phone services. This includes the obvious Sky and Virgin Media offerings but more and more broadband suppliers now also offer TV services, such as BT and TalkTalk. These deals can offer excellent value for money but, as always, there are a few things to look out for when comparing deals:

Hidden extra costs, are you getting the best price on phone calls and line rental? Is the download limit going to be big enough for you and what are the costs of top ups should you exceed your monthly allowance?

Are the best advertised prices available in your area? TV bundles sometimes require providers to have upgraded your local area or telephone exchange, if this hasn't happened in your area then you may find bundles are not available or may cost considerably more than advertised.

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